Nov 14, 2010 images by Nick Salazar

TJ Tollakson is known for his wild aero concepts, and this year he didn't disappoint.
TJ Tollakson is known for his wild aero concepts, and this year he didn't disappoint.

TriRig will now be displaying select galleries with extra-large images for your viewing pleasure. At up to 960-pixels wide per picture, these images represent the best online photographic experience for triathletes anywhere. We're all about the geeky stuff. On most common laptop screen resolutions, these images will nearly fill the monitor. For our first presentation of this new format, we proudly give you our retrospective on the 2010 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Enjoy the pictures!

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  • Chris Lieto was the fastest biker of the day.
  • Chris Lieto hammered his way out of T1 and onto the Queen K.
  • Lieto ran hard, and showed a lot of grit.
  • Craig Alexander had a great day, but just missed the podium.
  • Only in Kona would a blistering 2:41 marathon get you fourth place.
  • Alexander running off into the distance.
  • TJ Tollakson is known for his wild aero concepts, and this year he didn't disappoint.
  • Rasmus Henning looked like the picture of aerodynamics aboard his SHIV.
  • The SHIVs were out in force, and looked great.
  • At Tim DeBoom's last entry into Kona, he rode the prototype Felt DA.
  • The fastest women's bike split belonged to Karin Thuerig who took it aboard this BMC TT01.
  • Linsey Corbin was her typical all-smiles self on the run.
  • Saucony had these hot orange shoes on select athletes.
  • Linsey Corbin rode a custom-painted Scott Plasma 3.
  • Terenzo Bozzone running out in the Kona heat.
  • Champion Tim O'Donnell, a great triathlete in his own right, was a spectator on the day, cheering on girlfriend and eventual race winner Mirinda Carfrae.
  • Tim DeBoom gets words of support from wife Nicole.
  • Chris McCormack won the race with a stallar 2:43 marathon, and a fantast battle against Raelert.
  • Lieto ran well, but didn't match his 2nd-place performance from 2009.
  • Macca was a red bullet out on the highway.
  • This is the face of your 2010 champ.
  • Lieto and Faris Al-Sultan ran together for a clip.
  • Mirinda Carfrae was nearly unstoppable.
  • Carfrae as a mere blur racing out to Havi.

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