PRO RIG - Macca's Shiv
images by Nick Salazar
Oct 15, 2010  hits 100,089

Macca had a great ride aboard a beautiful machine.
Macca had a great ride aboard a beautiful machine.

Macca didn't just have a nice bike to see him into T2 - he had one of the most beautiful, minimal, elegant setups we've seen in some time in Kona. His Shiv is pared down to the absolute minimum to what is needed have a great race.

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  • Macca had a great ride aboard a beautiful machine.
  • The Aussie on his way to a second Ironman World Championship title.
  • Chris McCormack rides away.
  • Straight extensions aren't a common choice in triathlon, but worked well for Macca.
  • Macca wore Specialized's aero helmet, the TT2.
  • The S-Works road shoe doesn't have a heel loop, but the BOA system probably makes for very easy closure nonetheless, and boasts ultra-fine tension adjustment.
  • The Zipp Firecrest wheels were moving too fast, and show up a little blurry in this picture.

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