Oct 8, 2010 article & images by Nick Salazar

Blue had a fleet of its new Triad SL bikes on display for anyone to test ride.
Blue had a fleet of its new Triad SL bikes on display for anyone to test ride.

There's a lot of excitement today, a kind of nervous energy throughout Kona. Exactly what you'd expect just hours away from the start of the biggest race in triathlon. But the pending mayhem hasn't stopped the masses from enjoying either the serenity of the island, or the large and fantastic expos around town. From prototype bikes to endless pools, we caught it all for our Friday gallery, just one day before the Ironman World Championship race. We also shot some video, which will be uploaded next week. For now, enjoy the pre-race stuff, and come back tomorrow for the race photos.

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  • Blue had a fleet of its new Triad SL bikes on display for anyone to test ride.
  • We really like how Blue shows off its carbon construction with nothing more than a clear coat layer.
  • Even the handlebars feature the nude carbon layup.  It's dazzling.
  • Blue also had a brand new Carbonsports Lightweight disc to ride, a rare treat for those who demoed the frame.
  • This Di2-equipped bike features the production front end, the aero spacers, and Blue's integrated aerobar.  We really like what they've done here.
  • The bar has a built-in computer mount and extension adjustment.
  • The bike also has a nice, thin profile.
  • This shop on Alii drive had quite a voluminous Oakley display.
  • Inside the host hotel, a giant flower M-dot greets guests.
  • The Ceepo Climax was introduced at Eurobike, but didn't get much coverage. It was quite stunning in person.
  • The bike is a Di2-ONLY machine, and will be sold as frameset, aerobars, and include the Di2 groupset.
  • The rear tail hides the Di2 battery, and keeps all the wiring internal.
  • The back half of the tail will be capped after the battery is installed.
  • The bike has a beautiful frontal profile with the integrated custom front brake hidden from view.
  • That front brake just barely peeks out into the wind.
  • The rear brake is tucked up below the bottom bracket.
  • The Ironman Village expo.
  • Quintana Roo showed off some fancy new paint schemes for the CD 0.1 bikes.
  • Profile showing off some bars.
  • Alii drive isn't a bad spot to go for a ride.
  • This is the view that runners will have while finishing up on race day.
  • Palm trees and aerobars ... this must be Ironman Hawaii.
  • We caught Joe Bonness and checked out his custom hydration system.  Called the Bottle Holster, it lets racers take a bottle straight from the course, and use it as a between-the-bars straw system.
  • Joe vaccu-forms the systems himself, and says he's refined it to the point where it will accept a standard bottle, a Gatorade bottle, or a bottle of Perform, no splashing.
  • The system also has thick walls to provide insulation and keep drinks cold for longer.
  • Bonness has even tested out the system in the wind tunnel, and says it works very well.
  • A bottle goes in here, automatically drains, and is a 'brain dead' solution to hydration, according to Joe.
  • The lip here helps keep the bottle sealed up and splash-free.
  • Kinda reminds you of a Corona commercial, right?  Except with sports drink instead of beer.
  • The Oakley Jawbone is hugely popular this year, and we've been seeing them everywhere.
  • Shimano has gear displayed on a lot of bikes out here, like this Di2-equipped machine with C50 wheels.

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