Sep 16, 2010 article & images by Nick Salazar

LOOK showed off its new 2011 color scheme for the 596
LOOK showed off its new 2011 color scheme for the 596

On our last day on the floor, we saw a broad range of offerings, from new products to updated paint schemes up to unreleased prototypes. With the show all wrapped up for the year, we've come away most excited about the development of the power meter market, but there were plenty of attractions to keep us interested beyond that one sector. Enjoy the gallery.

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  • LOOK showed off its new 2011 color scheme for the 596
  • THe new LOOK 596 color schemes show off a lot of the carbon weave, which we love.
  • The new Keo Blade Aero pedal has a cover on the bottom which supposedly improved aerodynamics and costs only 5 grams of weight.
  • LOOK's one-piece monocoque carbon crank is an amazing piece of technology, but sadly only works on their own bikes, as no one has adopted the bottom bracket standard for it.
  • Another cool product we saw was a versatile bottle from Flexr Sports.  It can be placed downtube, with a straw ...
  • ... or placed between the bars ...
  • ... the Flexr bottles have an internal liner that helps get liquid out without much squeezing, plus keeps the bottles clean.
  • The Flexr bottles aren't round, but slightly ovalized, and use a special cage.
  • Flexr is targeting the running market as well, and has a hip-pack accessory, as well as a hand-hold strap.
  • The hand-held strap with a Flexr bottle.
  • It comes in a variety of colors, in stark contrast to its green-hued competition from Amphipod.
  • Another very interesting new product was the 4iii (pronounced 'Four Eyes') system, which promises to put a heads-up display on the lower-left corner of your sunglasses, eliminating the need to look down.  The system wasn't up for demo when we came by, but we're told they do have a working unit.
  • The 'Taiwan' section of the floor had a lot of familiar-looking open mold carbon products ...
  • ... and some shiny anodized aluminum components.
  • The new PRO Missile TT Evo aerobar looks nice.
  • The Pro Missile TT Evo is being released along a stem that mates well with it aerodynamically, and routes cables internally.
  • The stem bolts on from the underside, cleaning up the frontal appearance.
  • Specialized had Fabian Cancellara's Shiv 3 on display, and it was obvious that the tooling had been revamped in a hurry after the UCI banning of the original Shiv.  You can see the toptube bulge toward where the nosecone used to be.
  • Without the nosecone, that bulge looks strange from just about any angle.
  • This rear view shows the bulge on the Shiv 3 where the frame used to smooth into the nosecone.  Fortunately, triathletes can still buy the original Shiv, which mates beautifully at the front end.
  • One nice thing about the Shiv 3 is that its front brake is much easier to wrench, and actually looks pretty clean with the cable coming right out of the stem.
  • Specialized had a giant poster of Contador aboard what we guess could be called the 'Shiv 4,' but that prototype was nowhere to be seen on the show floor.  Boo.
  • Profile has finally come out with a base bar with FLAT hand holds. We're not fans of upturns on the braking area.  This new bar is called the SVET, and will run somewhere between 190 and 210 grams.
  • The SVET is a great bar.  Flat hand holds, a slight drop, very nice.
  • Female mountain bike champ Willow Koerber was at the Fairwheel Bikes booth promoting the Cyclepassion calendar (seen in the background) and signing autographs.
  • Feedback Sports showed off their new digital chain wear measurer, which takes the guesswork out of how much life is left in the chain.
  • The Quintana Roo Project Illicito keeps the asymmetrical downtube of the CD 0.1, but adds some new aero flair in the rear half of the bike.
  • The rear triangle of the Quintana Roo Project Illicito has its left seat stay removed, and its left chainstay beefed up, in an effort to remove frontal area from the wind.
  • Interbike seems like a big blur to those of us on the floor, but we'll be back at the show's Anaheim debut next year to do it again.

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