Sep 14, 2010 article & images by Nick Salazar

The helmet has a visor that snaps into place via a few tiny magnets.  Brilliant.
The helmet has a visor that snaps into place via a few tiny magnets. Brilliant.

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  • Our upward view walking out of the hotel towards the Sands Expo Convention Center.
  • ZeroD (pronounced Zero Dee) is making some pretty cool suits.  They specialize in streamlined ITU suits, but also make longer distance gear.
  • A lighter picture reveals that this German suit has some rubberized eagle logos to match the German flag.
  • The rear zip suits zip from the top down, making them easier to get into.
  • ZeroD uses some very nice hydrophobic fabric, even on its longer distance i-suit (i for Ironman)
  • Side panel mesh on the i-suit keeps you cool on hotter days.
  • This was the 'Tune Shake' device which is supposed to vibrate your helmet, making it a speaker you can listen to.  We wonder if these were prototype versions, because they weren't exactly music to our ears.
  • Blue Seventy had its expected offering of wetsuits ...
  • ... as well as its new 2011 line of tri suits, which looked quite impressive.
  • Cobb Cycling debuted its new SHC 170, a padded version of its HC 170 saddle.
  • This was a mountain bike parts maker, but we thought the poster was amazing.
  • ENVE Composites had this sweet bouquet of rims on display.  We have ENVE envy.
  • Fairwheel bikes had a new Clavicula M3 crankset.  The M3 boasts the same weight as the original Clavicula, but a more durable aluminum spindle ...
  • ... and the Clavicula M3 also features a replaceable carbon spider.  It's SRM compatible.  No word yet on Quarq.
  • Fairwheel had no shortage of amazing gear on hand.
  • Fairwheel Bikes also had the eye-catching Cyclepassion calendar on display, and Willow Koerber was on hand to sign autographs.
  • Another much talked-about piece at Fairwheel was their custom Di2 hardtail mountain bike, with automatic sequential shifting.  You just tell it up or down, and it finds the next available gear, intelligently taking care of the front derailleur and rear derailleur together.
  • DeSoto had its new Triathlon bib shorts on hand, which feature three pockets and a nice thin chamois.
  • The Scott Plasma 3 with Normann Stadler in the background.
  • The Plasma 3 will have downtube routing for cabled shifter systems, and Scott had this one tied up neatly in the front with zip ties.
  • Oakley had a lot of cool shades on display, including this special Cavendish set.
  • The Rolling-O lab is always fun to see.
  • The top of this stool reads 'exhaust vent.'  Clever, I think.
  • The new Photochromatic Oakley lenses go from almost clear, to supposedly as dark as Black Iridium.  We can't wait to try these on outdoors in person.
  • An Oakley test head about to get a bullet fired at its eye.
  • Lightning Cycle Dynamics has released a new version of its carbon crank spider in a unidirectional finish.
  • Purely Custom had these really neat valve caps to customize your bike.
  • Avia showed off a custom painted Kestrel 4000 SL
  • Avia's custom painted Kestrel 4000 SL
  • Avia's 'monotongue' shoe helps prevent pinching while still allowing some adjustability.
  • A cross-section of the 3.6mm stack height Bont shoes.
  • Coolest.Ad.Ever.  dznuts.  Enough said.
  • The SipStream looks like an interesting system, and allows you to drink from a downtube bottle using its straw system.
  • But you must use their proprietary bottles.
  • Michellie Jones' Felt DA
  • Indycar superstar Tony Kanaan got a custom painted Trek Speed Concept with Di2 for his tri ventures.
  • Carbonsports Lightweight came out with a new sub-800g disc which looks just beautiful.
  • The 3T meta crank is definitely unique ...
  • ... but it looks like that red paint can come off pretty easily.  We'd love to see a nude carbon version.
  • Northwave's tri shoe has a feature we love -- when the tongue is open, you can velcro it in position so it doesn't flop shut.
  • We haven't had a chance to try the shoes firsthand yet, but they look pretty solid.
  • A novel way to keep sweat off your face.
  • The Louis Garneau Vortice has a chopped-off tail, perhaps to improve aerodynamics when you look down.
  • The new 2011 Blue Triad SL has some nice lines.
  • Blue's front end uses a bayonet stem with aerodynamic spacers.
  • The Triad's rear brake is a custom TRP sidepull
  • The 2011 Blue Triad SL has a two-position seatpost, roughly 78 and 80 degrees, respectively.
  • Another look at the front end of the 2011 Blue Triad SL.
  • Kask had their gorgeous new aero helmet on display, but weren't sure when it would make it to the US, if ever.
  • The helmet has a visor that snaps into place via a few tiny magnets.  Brilliant.

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