2011 Felt DA - Production Info
images by Nick Salazar
Sep 14, 2010  hits 90,181

The rear seatstays on the 2011 DA leave a little window to view Felt's logo.
The rear seatstays on the 2011 DA leave a little window to view Felt's logo.

At the Interbike Outdoor Demo day, we got a closeup look at the new 2011 DA, as well as some detailed information about what the final production bike will look like.

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  • Felt uses a side-pull brake up front which doesn't add much frontal area
  • Felt's proven Devox bar will come standard with the 2011 DA.
  • The S-shaped downtube was novel, but won't see the production line.
  • The rear seatstays on the 2011 DA leave a little window to view Felt's logo.
  • The bike features the BB30 standard.
  • The standard DA front end features Felt's own Devox bar, and Shimano Di2.
  • Another shot of the swooping prototype-only downtube.
  • The rear sidepull brake isn't hidden by a cover, making it easier to install and adjust.
  • Garmin rode CNC-machined fixed-angle stems, which will indeed be made available to the public.
  • The seat tube has a little flare on the rear edge that Felt says helps with the aerodynamics.
  • The production bike will have an adjustable angle stem like the current DA.
  • The 2011 DA complete with Di2, left, and the frameset, right.
  • Both the adjustable and this fixed-angle stem make for a very sleek-looking junction with the top tube.
  • The view of the rear triangle, sans rear wheel.
  • The nice thing about an uncovered rear brake is its ease of adjustment.  You can even swap out the brake shoes without removing anything.

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