Sep 13, 2010 article by Nick Salazar

The 2010 Outdoor Demo looked like a veritable ocean of tents to beat the Nevada heat.
The 2010 Outdoor Demo looked like a veritable ocean of tents to beat the Nevada heat.

Before the famous indoor expo at Interbike, manufacturers take to the dirt for an outdoor demo of rideable equipment. And while much of it trends towards the mountain bike and BMX variety, we found quite a few triathlon-related gems in the mix that demanded our attention. Some of the offerings shown at the outdoor demo were quite surprising - you'd never expect to see a Stock Aero 2 with Di2 in the middle of a gravely Nevada desert, yet here it was (but no, it wasn't available for test ride).

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  • The 2010 Outdoor Demo looked like a veritable ocean of tents to beat the Nevada heat.
  • We got a chance to ride the LeMond Revolution trainer, which offers the most smooth resistance we've ever experienced in a trainer.
  • The Revolution's huge belt drive makes it feel much more road-like, and its consistent resistance curve means that measuring power from the device will be possible via an accessory available later on, which we are told will be priced well under the $500 mark.
  • The sausage tent was hugely popular, with a line wrapped around for most of the day.
  • Giant had a slew of demo bikes, each with its own name, so that the mechanics could easily distinguish between the bikes.  This Trinity SL2 was named Alyssa.
  • Lake is known for their Boa-laced shoes, but their tri offering is a traditional reverse-strap design with a rear loop.
  • What we'd love to see Lake do is create a Boa-laced tri shoe with a rear loop for easier entry.  Like this shoe here, but with the loop.  Sounds like a trivial addition, and one that would make for a very secure tri shoe.
  • The business end of an Argon 18 E-114.  The base bar has an aero clamping area that bolts directly to their proprietary stem.
  • That stem comes in two lengths, and is height adjustable through the use of aero spacers on their bayonet-style fork.
  • Visiontech had their Metron groupset on display, as well as theyr unique aero hydration solution.
  • The Vision Tech Drink System also has a storage compartment at the lee side, hidden from the wind.
  • Prologo was out celebrating its 5th-year anniversary, and showing off their Nago TT saddles.
  • Zipp has released a new version of the Vuka Bull aerobar, which has a revised hand grip, and now comes in both a flat and drop version.
  • The new hand hold is supposed to provide better grip without the need to pack on excessive bar tape.
  • Zipp's ZedTech program now allows fully-custom decals, hub cap colors, and more.
  • Now riders can have Terenzo-esque decals with any letter colored as they wish.
  • The new 808 firecrest shape is striking in person.
  • An 808 Firecrest Tubular, left, and a 404 Firecrest Clincher, right.
  • Storck had an Aero 2 bike out on display, which seemed out of place at a 'Dirt Demo,' but was a welcome sight to our eyes.
  • The one-piece handlebar-stem combo comes in only two lengths, but can be adjusted via pad placement, and extension length/rotation.
  • The rear carbon leaf-spring brake on the Aero 2 is an amazing piece of engineering.
  • Kestrel had a small fleet of their new 4000 SL availab for a test ride on the small paved areas at the Outdoor Demo.
  • The Kestrel 4000 uses TRP center-pull brakes front and rear, keeping cables neatly tucked out of the wind.
  • Kestrel says that its 1-1/4'' lower bearing and 1-1/8'' upper bearing keep the bike very stiff, even if it does present larger frontal area.
  • The beautiful Madfiber wheels were on display and availab for test rides.
  • The Madfiber wheels aren't exactly user-serviceable, but come in at a scant 1085 grams for the pair.
  • Part of Madfiber's secret is bonding its carbon spokes directly to the rim.

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