Sep 20, 2010 article by Nick Salazar & Mat Steinmetz, images by Nick Salazar

Alexander was all smiles before the test began ...
Alexander was all smiles before the test began ...

Two-time Ironman Hawaii World Champion Craig Alexander doesn't just train with power. He samples his power data along a blood lactate curve to analyze, in-depth, how his body responds to increasing amounts of load. Earlier in the season, his top-end power was higher, meaning he could generate a high power for a longer period of time without as much lactate buildup. Now, as ne's focusing on defending his Ironman Hawaii title to take his third crown, he needs to be able to hold his mid-range power for longer. The lactate test reveals where he is with his form, and how his training has affected that curve.

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  • Craig has a look at his previous numbers before warming up for the lactate test.
  • Alexander was all smiles before the test began ...
  • Craig pedaled hard for a good 35 minutes.
  • Crowie did some of the test in the aero position, but most of it on the hoods.
  • Even a World Champion grimaces when the watts get this high.
  • Mat Steinmetz takes a blood sample for the lactate test.
  • Alexander checks out his custom-painted Orbea Ordu before the test.
  • Alexander warms up while Retul founder Franko Vatterot watches.
  • Craig had his position scanned to make sure everything with his new bike was up to snuff.
  • Alexander is looking lean and ready for Kona.
  • Once the test was done, it was back to smiles again.  This is the face of a champion.

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