Epix pt 2 - Ironman Suit
images by Nick Salazar
Aug 19, 2010  hits 52,264

In the second part of our review of Epix gear, we check out the Ironman suit, another true-to-its-name design that lets adults dress up like a comic book superhero. Yeah, sounded cool to us too.

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  • This colorway doesn't actually exist (we Photoshopped the red and gold in), but we'd love to see it produced.
  • This is what the suit really looks like - the gradients help sell the illusion of a metallic surface.
  • The back of the suit has a different design from the front, and really looks the part.
  • The Epix logo is placed on the side here, and on the centerpiece of the chest.
  • The squared-off pockets are nice and deep, with plenty of room for gels and more.
  • You really have to embrace your inner geek when you wear one of these.

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