Tony Kanaan: from F1 to T1
images by Nick Salazar
Aug 7, 2010  hits 77,986

... until he gets down to business.
... until he gets down to business.

Tony Kanaan, superstar Indy Car racer, is also an avid triathlete. We caught up with him when he flew up to Boulder, CO for a bike fit with Retul fit studios. Tony wanted to get dialed in on his brand new Trek Speed Concept, and wanted to get the very best.

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  • Tony Kanaan is an Indy car superstar, but has an abiding love for triathlon.
  • Armchair critics beware: Tony is no slouch.  He can ride a bike ...
  • ... and he's got the legs to prove it.
  • Tony is riding a tricked out Trek Speed Concept 9.9.
  • This view just never gets old.
  • And Kanaan is serious about his riding.  He uses a Dura-Ace SRM to track his power output.
  • Brazilian Kanaan flies his flag using the same vcgraphix stickers that many pros use.
  • Tony's original position was high and slack...
  • ...but Retul's Mat Steinmetz got him dialed into a much more aggressive tuck.
  • Steinmetz explains where he plans to take Tony's fit coordinates.
  • Tony shoots the breeze between runs with Retul founder Franko Vatterott.
  • Tony is super friendly.  And he's all smiles ...
  • ... until he gets down to business.

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