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 Jan 1, 2021 article & images by Nick Salazar

Fix-It Sticks in my kids' 'performance art' mode.

We've featured Fix-It Sticks on the site several times, and each time with excitement. We've seen several different product launches from the Chicago-based company, but my favorite product of the bunch has always been the original sticks, which have stayed on my desk every day since I received them back in 2013. We wrote a fair amount about them back then, so I won't rehash everything that makes them fun. In short, they just have the perfect combination of functionality, small space, and some kind of je ne sais quoi cute factor. The original orange has always sat on my desk, and is now accompanied by one of the company's T-way wrenches, as well as a single steel Fix-It Stick, to give me enough bits for most common activities, and also to entertain my young children who like to treat them like sculpture art.

The only bummer about the company is that they were able to license these awesome torque-limiting adapters that read in ft-lbs, for their gun-related products. But those same adapters, in metric units, are exclusively licensed somewhere else, so they can't sell them to those of us who need to set torque in Nm.

Regardless, these plucky little tools are great, and will always have a place on my desk. Get your own set from

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