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 Jan 1, 2021 article & images by Nick Salazar

Yep, it's just a plain old belt. But a simpler and more elegant belt has never been made. This is the Grip6 belt, and I love it to pieces.

I came upon Grip6 about nine months ago. I've never been very happy with belts; I hate the kind with holes, which never seem quite right. I've used a number of the ratcheting kinds (with cheap plastic teeth that click onto the buckle mechanism), only to have those break easily, and come with a relatively high expense. They are bulky, annoying, and generally something I consider a necessary evil.

Then I saw an ad for Grip6, which purported to completely solve the issue. With one strap, and a one-piece buckle, they said you could achieve any belt size you want, easily and instantly. Ok, I thought, I'll bite. It's a little more expensive than a cheap belt from your local Big Box store, but I like trying out novel solutions to these kinds of problems.

The Grip6 belts come in a variety of different colors, styles, and widths, but the basic mechanism is always the same. The slightly curved buckle uses a friction fit on a nylon strap to offer continuous adjustability with a strong hold. I watched the 90-second video of how to put the thing on, and waited for my buckle to arrive. I went for a belt from Grip6's Carbon Fiber series, for obvious reasons.

The belt is everything it claims to be: simple, slim, rugged, and a functional quantum leap above traditional belts. I immediately ordered a bunch more belts and accessories, and even my wife (who is much more stylish than I am) asked for some. I knew right away that all my older belts were now headed for donation. I would not be wearing any other kind of belt, ever again. In the 9 months or so since my first purchase, I haven't used any other kind of belt, and my Grip6 product has remained absolutely flawless. There's virtually nothing to wear out or break, and all the components are extremely robust and well-built. Although the standard nylon straps are a little on the casual side, the newer Element straps are great for dressy occasions. The new Forged Carbon buckles with the Element Straps are my daily wearers at present. I am wearing one right now as I write this article.

Grip6 has expanded into a couple other product categories, and their web store can sometimes seem overwhelming. If you don't want to noodle around, and just want to grab a belt like the ones shown in this article, head to this page for the Forged Carbon Fiber belt, or if you prefer 3K carbon, go to this page for the 3k Carbon Fiber belt.

To be clear, I have no financial interest in the company, nor any incentive to write this review. I just really love the product, and when I see someone invent a better mouse trap, I like to share the news.

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