TriRig's 10 Year Anniversary!

 Jul 1, 2020 article & images by Nick Salazar

What a difference a decade makes. Our first product (Speed Concept Clamps) on the right, and our current Dragonfly on the left

TriRig has just hit a major milestone. It's hard to believe it, but TriRig just turned ten! Exactly ten years ago went live to the viewing public. That's right, on June 30th, 2010, we launched our plucky little site with a few articles and a deep love of gear. Since then, we've been on a mission to write, review, and create the best equipment on the market.

To celebrate 10 years of history, we are offering a site-wide sale: get 10% off EVERYTHING WE MAKE. The sale will last for the entire month of July, or as long as stock can last. Subject to change or end without notice.

But before we send you on your way to the shop, we thought it might be worth it to take a quick trip down memory lane. There's a fun little irony regarding our products, which is that throughout these ten years, some of our most important parts have been ... extension clamps! Although it might not sound like such an important product, the humble extension clamp is a huge part of TriRig's history. Our very first product was a minimal clamp for the first-generation Trek Speed Concept, which eliminated a bunch of hardware and shaved half a pound off the bike. See the image below to see what the clamps looked like by themselves.

  • TriRig's First Product:
    The SC Clamps

  • You got to remove
    EVERYTHING shown here

  • Re-use old bolts
    Nothing wasted.

  • TINY frontal area

Pretty neat, huh? If you just thought how cool that is, you aren't alone. The clamps were originally intended to just be a small project for my own personal bike. I made a few extras to help defray the cost of machining my personal set. But what started as a side project quickly became a full-time business. Lots of folks wanted our little clamps, which were such a hit that they are still in stock in the TriRig store to this day. The bike they're compatible with was discontinued about 7 years ago, but the clamps still sell.

Even more important is what the clamps represented: the TriRig SC Clamps stand for the idea that I'm not alone in my desire for thoughtful, minimal, beautiful bike parts. With the success of the clamps, the TriRig store was born. Within a few years, we were making stems, bars, and perhaps our most well-known product, the Omega aero brakes.

When we made those first Omega brakes, we took a very careful approach to documenting every phase of development, from the first napkin sketch to prototypes, and final production product. We showed you everything. It was fun to get your feedback over the course of six months, then finally release the final product onto the world. These days, we keep things much closer to the chest before we reveal them, as we did with unveiled the X-Series and Omni.

And now, ten years after we first set out, I consider the Alpha One aerobars to be the most important product we've ever made. And at the heart of Alpha One is Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is the center of the cockpit. It serves as a mount for the arm cups, BTA accessories, and of course, the extensions. The most important piece of our most important product ... is once again an extension clamp. Of course, Dragonfly is a lot more than just a clamp, and it has ten years worth of history behind it. It represents everything we have learned about what athletes need, and how we can best serve them through our products. Below you can see the brand new (and recently updated) Dragonfly along with the SC Clamp that started it all. We've come full circle.

As we embark upon our second decade of business, we are as motivated as ever. I love designing products. I really, truly love developing new and unique solutions for triathletes and TT riders. It is so deeply satisfying to know that what we do here at our little company can actually improve the rider's experience, and bring a little more beauty and thoughtful design into the products they choose to ride. These things got me out of bed each morning for the last ten years, and they still do. These past ten years have made for an amazing adventure, and I'm excited for the next ten.

Thank you SO MUCH for you, dear readers and customers. It is because of YOU that I get to enjoy this dream job of writing, riding, and inventing. So take the 10 for 10. Ten percent off, for our ten years of business.

The Anniversary Sale ends July 31st, or while stock lasts. Subject to end early without notice. Head to the TriRig Store to get your gear now! Thank you for reading, and THANK YOU for supporting TriRig! You readers and customers alike are the reason I get to live the dream. .

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