Raptor: the Ultimate Aero Gravel Rig

 Mar 8, 2020 article & images by Nick Salazar

Let's get right to it: Raptor is probably the most comfortable rig I've had the pleasure of riding in the last decade. It's simply sublime. And that's right out of the gate, without the benefit of time to really dig in and refine the fit. I credit the large tires and their massive air volume; it's like riding on massive pillows of air, because that's quite precisely what it is! I'll concede, there's no way this thing is in the same aero league as the other rides here at TriRig HQ: we have more than a couple lovely TT rigs here, which are undeniably FAST. But the idea of taking our aero pedigree and applying it to a more relaxed rig, that was a temptation that I just couldn't resist. When heading out for a training ride, I find myself picking Raptor more often than not. Would I race on it? Maybe ... but probably not, when I have this rig built and ready to go! But for training around my home, particularly on the run-friendly dirt roads, Raptor's big tires are just too fun to ignore.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the gallery below, and for all your own TriRig Gear, head to the store!

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