Review of the Omni, by Pro Ben Deal

 Dec 4, 2019 article by Nick Salazar, images by Ben Deal

Today we've got some more lovely content from Ben Deal and Summer Deal, the plucky young pro couple who recently signed with TriRig. Ben and Summer are now both riding our Omni bike and everything that goes with it. This weekend they face their first true test with the bike as they race Indian Wells 70.3, a flat and fast course. The race is even more significant for Summer, because it's her first outing as a pro! We couldn't be happier to sponsor this fantastic duo. Ben shot us a text message yesterday and told us he had put together a quick video showing off their rigs. We recently wrote our own article about building the rigs for Team Deal, but this video is entirely from Ben's perspective. It's his take on the bike, including his own reasoning for the gearing choices, wheel selection, all the way down to tires and tubes! It's rare to hear a pro talk in such detailed terms about their equipment selection, and we are so glad to be able to share this special peek behind the curtain.

Best of luck to all the athletes racing Indian Wells 70.3, including the FOUR pro riders who will be on Omni: Ben and Summer Deal, plus Adam Feigh, and Mikael Staer Nathan! Go follow Ben and Summer at their blog, instagram @deals_on_wheels_tri, or YouTube channel. And get all their gear for yourself, in the TriRig Store.

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