Rainbow Pillow: What's That?
article & images by Nick Salazar
May 10, 2019  hits 1,345

Omni customers have recently been getting an odd little bonus with their bicycle purchase: this custom rainbow poop emoji pillow. Yep, that's right. So what's the story behind this odd little addition?

It's pretty simple: we love this silly little thing, and to us, the pillow represents the offbeat and unique nature of TriRig itself. Although we do our best to look and act more or less professional, TriRig is actually a very small, family-owned/operated company. That means the company is just as odd and quirky as the small group of individuals running it.

We saw this pillow at the carnival at the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles, California. It was the grand prize for one of those games that's nearly impossible to win. And although we did try to win the toy the regular way, it proved too difficult. So instead, we contacted the manufacturer of the plush directly, to see if we could simply buy a case of them to keep at TriRig headquarters. They said no, that all of them had been sold, and we would need to order something on the order of several thousand units in order to make a new run.

But we couldn't get the silly pillow out of our heads. There are other rainbow poop pillows out there, but none of them have quite the cute little expression, or the sparkling blue eyes. We are sticklers for design, and we really loved this one. So we kept bugging the toy maker, and eventually they found a small lot to send to us. After giving away pillows to all the family and friends who care to have them, we have a few left, so they are heading out with Omni purchases until we run out.

So yeah, it's weird, fun, silly, and all that, but this pillow is also impossible to buy anywhere else. Kind of like Omni itself. If you haven't gotten yours yet, buy your Omni now in the TrRig store!

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