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Tilt Hardware and Ergo Cups are now standard equipment on all Alpha X aerobars sold!

Since its introduction in 2015, TriRig's Alpha X aerobar has been an athlete favorite and industry benchmark, a perfect mix of adjustability, low weight, aerodynamics, and functionality. Although we now offer the category-redefining Alpha One, Alpha X remains a best-in-class bar, and we have offered it at a reduced price.

Now, TriRig is proud to "raise the bar" even further, by including the Alpha X Tilt Hardware AND our ultra-comfortable Ergo Cups as standard equipment on Alpha X. What once cost a total of over $1300 is now available at just $749. And we still offer excellent bundle discounts when combining Alpha X with our Gamma extensions and Omega X brakes. And, ALL pending orders for Alpha X will receive the updated package containing the Tilt Hardware and Ergo Cups, automatically. So if you ordered the bars a month ago when they were out of stock, you're getting the latest and greatest, at no charge. If you ordered Alpha X AND a Tilt Kit, the cost of the Tilt Kit will be refunded.

And for existing Alpha X customers, we are dropping the price of the Tilt Kit by $75, so you can upgrade at a reduced cost.

So, new customers, get your Alpha X now!
Existing customers, grab your Tilt Kit and Ergo Cups!

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