Introducing the Alpha One

 Nov 21, 2017 article & images by Nick Salazar

Today, TriRig is proud to launch our most important product ever. Introducing Alpha One. This product represents a whole new way to think about your bike fit and your relationship to the bike. It's like nothing else on the market, and does more to make you faster and comfortable on your bike than anything else we have ever made.

Alpha One isn't just the fastest bar we've ever made. It also trades the traditional concept of bolt-on parts and spacers for a single, continuously-adjustable Monopost. The Monopost adjusts vertically, so that the only thing it changes is your stack height, without affecting reach. You get the entire range of adjustment, from slammed to stacked, by turning just one bolt at the front of the bars. It has integrated tilt adjustment, BTA mounts, internal cables, and more. There is so much going on here, the best bet it just to watch the intro video:

Alpha One: This Changes Everything

Alpha One is an entirely new way to think about your bar. Basically, it's like putting a mobile fit lab on the front of your rig, and making it a superbike in the process. One bolt lets you continuously adjust the stack of your entire system. Integrated tilt adjustment gets you in exactly the right spot. Twenty-one different arm cup positions on our ultra-comfy Ergo Cups mean you can dial in the perfect stance. And this is all in a package that's the fastest bar we've ever made.

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Gamma One and Gamma 24

Customers have long loved our Gamma extensions for their wide adjustment range and extra-long length. The new Gamma One and Gamma 24 extensions maintain the great features of our original Gamma 16, and add some nice new features. Gamma 24 features a single 24-degree bend, great for moving the hands a little higher, and providing a wider range of rise adjustment, up to 102mm. Gamma One is the perfect shape for most bars, and especially for Alpha One, with exactly 75mm of rise and a 250mm range of reach adjustment.

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Aero Bar Plugs

This is something our customers have requested for some time. We have searched for good plugs we could include with our bars and extensions, but could never find good options. In fact, the industry as a whole has very few aerobar plugs. So we designed our own. These use a hybrid-parabolic bullet tip shape that is perfect for the front of most extensions (or even base bars, for track athletes). Use them in front or back. A closed version works when cables aren't coming in or out of the plug, and an open version has two separate ports, ideal for mechanical or electronic wires respectively.

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Alpha One isn't just the best aerobar we've ever made, we truly believe the most important product to ever come out of TriRig. We think it's going to make a very real difference to people.

Regarding our existing products: We will continue to sell our current Alpha X, which is still a best-in-class product. Our existing Gamma extensions, now called Gamma 16, will also remain available for now, at the same place where their newer cousins are sold, and they'll also be on a nice discount. Eventually, Gamma 16 will be phased out.

I'm very grateful to all of you readers and customers who make TriRig what it is today, and allow me to continue to design and develop these products. Your excitement and enthusiasm is what keeps us going! Thanks for reading!

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