TriRig's 2017 Upgrade Sale

 Dec 24, 2016 article & images by Nick Salazar

Our customers have long asked us for an upgrade path, to update their previous TriRig purchases to the latest and greatest hardware we make. For 2017, TriRig is proud to announce our first ever upgrade program. You may now trade in your old Omega brakes, Sigma stems, and Alpha bars for a credit towards our latest X-series products, and even the Omni bike. Here are the details:

  • Purchase an Alpha X, Omega X, Sigma X, or Omni, at any time.
  • Fill out this form and mail back with your qualifying old product to us, within 30 days of purchasing your new product.
  • After we receive your old product trade-in, we will issue you your credit as a partial refund of your new product purchase

This offer is open to ANY owner of our old products, even if you purchased second-hand. Moreover, it is NOT a substitute for a warranty or repair claim -- if you have any outstanding issues with your old product, simply Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

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