Open Letter to TriRig Customers
article by Nick Salazar
Nov 17, 2016

This is an open letter to all of TriRig's readers/customers - past, present, and future.

I want to address concerns that have come up recently regarding TriRig's customer service, product quality control, and what to expect of TriRig going forward. Now, I'm not the only person who helps bring TriRig to life, so sometimes I write using collective pronouns ("we," "us," "our," etc). But this letter has to do with some mistakes that I want to address, and they all belong squarely to me. I've let some of you down, and I'm sorry.

There are two distinct issues to address: customer service (CS), and product quality control (QC). But they largely stem from the same failure: I've focused too much on new product development, and not nearly enough on our existing products, and existing customers. I absolutely love designing new products, bringing them to life, and seeing them become a part of the sport I love. But I haven't spent enough time devoted to the care of TriRig's customers, and ensuring that their ongoing experience with TriRig is a good one. As TriRig's product line and customer base has expanded, I haven't dedicated the appropriate time and resources to expanding our customer service and quality control to match. When TriRig has failed to meet customer expectations, it's on me. I owe an apology to those who I've let down - the same customers whose business affords me the very opportunity to do this work in the first place.

How am I going to make things better? First, TriRig's aggressive product development of the last 18+ months is taking a back seat. All existing customers and any outstanding product issues will be the only priority until we've "cleared the table" of all pending concerns. I'm going to personally spend more time on customer service, quality control, and the fundamental ins and outs that make for happy customers and robust products. Moreover, immediate plans include the hiring of a dedicated service/logistics manager to help care for our customers alongside me. From there, CS and QC will remain TriRig's top priority going forward, so that we can continue to earn your trust and your business. That needs to be our cornerstone, and we have lost sight of that. And of course, those steps are only the beginning of the next chapter. Running this business is an ongoing journey, and one I'll never do perfectly. I make mistakes, but I am eager to learn from them and make things better. I'll keep the community up to date when TriRig hires and trains additional personnel, to provide a more transparent look at how we make progress.

Regarding the TriRig Beta mounts, we are replacing the thru-rail with steel versions, a direct swap for the previous alloy one that was prone to failure. EVERY existing Beta customer will receive the replacements automatically. No need to do anything. They have already been finished at the factory, and will be going out to customers within the next 1-2 weeks.

Some of you have expressed concern whether TriRig's products are, in general, safe to ride. They are. For those of you curious about how we ensure quality with as large a project as the TriRig Omni, see the newly-published Omni F.A.Q. We do not believe that any legacy products represent a concern. But anyone still experiencing issues with old (or current) product should email support and we will take care of you. Whether you purchased your product from TriRig or second hand, whether it is within warranty or not, you may send it in for inspection and (if necessary) replacement. We will make it right.

And finally, rumors have been circulating about Matt Hanson, who rode our Alpha Classic aerobar throughout his 2015 season. After "100s of flawless rides" on the bars (Matt's words), he had a very unfortunate crash in the opening miles of Ironman Hawaii. The root cause of the crash is not 100% clear, but as stated above, our products are safe to ride and we do not believe there is an outstanding safety issue. Despite Matt's desire to leave this unfortunate subject in the past, he very graciously volunteered to write a statement for TriRig this week, which is as follows:

As result of a recent thread on Slowtwitch regarding TriRig and its role in my crash at the Ironman World Championships in 2015, I find it necessary to make a brief statement. Until this point, I have been relatively silent on the issue for a number of reasons. However it is apparent that this has caused a lot of assumptions and rumors to be spread. The crash involved, in part, an Alpha Classic basebar that folded down the first time I applied the brakes during the race. Nick saw the incident occur on live feed and immediately reached out to me inquiring first about my health and second about what role if any his products played in the incident. Nick was professional, apologetic about the issue, and in no way inferred that the failed basebar was my fault. I was in no way upset about the way I was treated throughout the numerous discussions we had after the event trying to get to the root cause of the issue.

-Matt Hanson

In closing, I want to express my sincere gratitude to those of you who have purchased TriRig products, and those of you who have written kind words (both in public and in private) about your experiences with them. I'm sorry for the ways I've fallen short for you in the past, and I am committed to making TriRig a better experience for all of you who have been so great to me and this company. To those of you who have written positively about TriRig, please keep it up! The words of encouragement are always great to read, and they make a real difference to others considering our products. Thank you for your support, and here's to a great 2017.

Nick Salazar, Owner