Review: Fix It Sticks Carrier Bracket

 Aug 1, 2016 article & images by Nick Salazar

I've been a fan of Fix-It Sticks since their first successful Kickstarter a couple of years ago. The little orange tools are simple, versatile, and extremely portable. I find myself using them on a near daily basis for small operations here and there.

The original toolkit came in a small pouch made from a repurposed inner tube. This would presumably be packed in a saddle bag or other storage. Fix It Sticks has recently unveiled another storage option: a nylon bracket that mounts beneath a water bottle cage, leaving the tools easily accessible and allowing you to snap the tools in and out whenever needed.

From a convenience perspective, it's a great little part. From an aero perspective, it may be difficult to find a good spot for this bracket on your tri bike. It's likely to stick out into the wind in most places you'd find a set of bottle bosses. It's probably best suited for use on rear-mounted bottle carriers, where it would sit in the aero wake of the rider (this is why rear-mounted bottles are a good aerodynamic choice in the first place).

Check out the images below to see it on the down tube of our Orbea Ordu, and grab your own set directly from Fix It Sticks.

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