TriRig Gamma CARBON extensions

 Feb 1, 2013 article & images by Nick Salazar

Gamma Extensions are here! Get yours from the TriRig Store!
Unidirectional carbon, stealth logos. Awesome.

The story of our Gamma extensions is pretty short and sweet. We announced the concept, then released the product. A lot of people chimed in that they wanted a carbon fiber version of our original alloy extensions, and we listened. Beginning today, the carbon version of the Gamma is available in the TriRig Store.

The carbon version of the extensions is geometrically identical to the alloy version, and the cable routing options are also identical. So these will do everything the original version will do, they'll just be a little lighter and prettier while doing it. Of course, carbon requires a little more delicacy when cutting, so if you aren't familiar with how to do that, consult a bike shop for help. Thanks for reading!

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  • It's actually fairly difficult to show off the logos on these extensions. In most lighting environments, they simply disappear into the unidirectional carbon. But when we push the lighting to extreme angles, the logos show up a bit more, but again, they're very stealthy.
  • Here's a closer look at the logo placement.
  • And one more, to show off that beautiful carbon finish. I love the look of unidirectional carbon, which is why we chose that for the outer layer rather than a weave. However, there is 3k weave on some of the inner layers, for strength.
  • And one last shot, very much like the first - the carbon nearly glows. Snag these in the TriRig Store, they are on sale as of this writing.

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