PRO RIG - Greg Bennett's BMC TM01

 Jul 23, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

  • BMC TM01
  • Zipp 404 Firecrest
  • HED Corsair Aerobars
  • Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
  • SRM Power Meter
  • Fizik Saddle
  • Custom BTA bottle
Greg Bennett's BMC TM01 is sleek and thoughtfully-appointed.

When we went to cover the Boulder Peak earlier this month, we caught eventual winner Laura Bennett chatting with her husband Greg Bennett, a decorated champion in his own right. Greg let us have some time with his very slick BMC TM01, tricked out with Zipp hoops, Shimano Di2, and HED Corsair bars. That alone makes up almost everything on the bike. But what interests me the most on this bike isn't any of that. It's Bennett's hydration setup.

The first thing Greg Bennett said when we approached him was that he reads TriRig to study hydration setups, especially what's on the bikes of his competitors. So perhaps it's no coincidence that his choice to use a BTA bottle up front, and single cage on the saddle is exactly in line with our hydration guide. (And thanks for reading, Greg!)

Bennett's BTA

The most striking customization on Bennett's machine is a custom-machined piece used to mount his BTA bottle cage.

Because Bennett uses a sharp J-bend extension that's tilted dramatically upwards, he has a hard time with the traditional zip-tie method of securing a BTA (between-the-arms) bottle. There's just not quite enough room to put one in the usual location. So he had a custom bit of hardware fabricated. It's basically a flat aluminum plate that has been bent such that it is clamped down by the integrated 'triangle system' stem of his TM01 bike. It may not be the most elegant thing ever built, but it works well with his setup. The bottle cage is secure, and the setup gives Greg ready access to liquids.

The other thing Bennett gets out of this placement is that he controls the fore-aft position of the bottle. The usual place to see these bottles is right between the forearms. But bringing it back a little, as Bennett has done, helps reduce the effect on steering that a heavy bottle can have. For some, it's not an issue either way, but reducing the inputs to steering can certainly be nice for long hours of riding. Bennett has certainly put some thought into this rig, and it's very cool to see how that's manifested in his equipment choices. Keep up the good work, Greg. Best of luck with the rest of the season, and we'll see you in Kona!

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  • Greg Bennett's BMC TM01 is one mean machine.
  • We saw Greg on a training ride, where he stopped at the Boulder Reservoir to cheer on wife and eventual winner at the Boulder Peak 5150.
  • Bennett poses with his BMC TM01
  • Zipp Firecrest 404's are some of the fastest racers on the planet, and Bennett also uses the for training.
  • Power measuring duties go to the Dura Ace SRM.
  • Bennett keeps things nice and narrow on his HED Corsair aerobar.
  • The duct tape on his Zipp extensions are where he stashes his SRM computer.
  • No cables here - the BMC TM01 does a good job of keeping everything hidden.
  • No doubt, this is a great looking bike.
  • We were very interested in Bennett's custom BTA bottle setup, which he had made just for him.
  • His bottle hardware is held in place by the clamping system of the BMC's integrated stem.
  • Here you can see where the custom hardware is held in place in two different spots.
  • Bennett's rear solution is a single bottle, zip tied directly to the saddle. Bennett says this one isn't for constant access, but rather as a refill station for the front bottle.
  • The TM01 is a nice machine, from any angle.

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