Gamma Extensions are here!

 Jul 20, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

Gamma Extensions are here! Get yours from the TriRig Store!
The super-long Gamma extensions adapt to fit YOUR position

Just a couple short months ago, we showed you our concept for a new type of aerobar extension, called the Gamma. It was a simple sixteen-degree, single bend extension, built extra long on both ends to accommodate just about any aerobar setup, and allow for real fine-tuning of the hand position.

You can read all about why they're so cool in the original article. What we are happy to announce today is that they have now been produced, and are ready for sale, albeit in very limited quantities for the time being. So, uh, if you want these, don't waste any time - head straight to the Store and snag yours before they're all gone!

Three Di2-compatible cable ports for internal routing

All that's left is to show off the pretty pictures of these final production extensions. They're made of aircraft-grade T6 aluminum, are black anodized with a laser-etched logo, feature THREE internal cable routing ports, which are Di2 compatible, and are built on the 22.2mm standard, so they'll fit on almost any aerobar on the market today. Pretty simple, really, but we think a lot of athletes are going to love them. Again, these ARE built for internal cable routing, but I don't have them routed internally in the pictures in this gallery. I like to route externally, so that in case changes need to be made, I don't have to re-run the cables. Okay, that's all. Enjoy the pictures, and head to the store if you want to snap up a set of your own.

We also put together an installation video showing off how they work. Enjoy:

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