PRO Missile Evo Aerobar Review

 Jun 13, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

The PRO Missile Evo aerobar and stem - a formidable combo.

This is a piece I've wanted to review for a long time. Shimano is best known for their drivetrain components, like the Dura-Ace Di2 that has infiltrated so many high-end tri bike builds. But Shimano also makes a large line of other equipment, under their PRO brand. They make a number of different parts, but the most widely-used of these in the tri world has got to be the Missile EVO aerobar and its matching stem.

I'm going to start with the bad news: this is the most expensive aerobar system on the market. The bar retails for $1200, with the stem coming in at $350. And for that price, you don't get the lightest setup on the market, nor the most adjustable (although it's close, in both categories). What you DO get is something that is undeniably clean, sleek, and undoubtedly aerodynamic. And if you're running Di2, this is without a doubt the best aftermarket bar available. Only the Speed Concept bar does as good a job of internalizing components, but this bar works with any standard steerer, so you can put it on a P4, Shiv, etc.

The Missile Evo is probably the cleanest aftermarket aerobar today

The bar and stem can be used independently if you want - that is, the stem with a different bar, or the bar with a different stem. But they were born to be together, and conbine to make an incredibly elegant setup. The combination has been ridden to World Championship titles under Craig Alexander on his Specialized Shiv, and by Tony Martin on his HTC Shiv. These bars have also shown up on Scott Plasma builds, and Avanti's new bike, the Chrono Evo uses it and even borrows the Evo surname.

So what makes this bar so special? What's the draw? In short, the bar is the sleekest aftermarket bar there is, especially for use with Di2. And although it seems like a pretty simple setup, there is actually a lot going on that warrants a deeper look. Hit the jump and we'll get into its design and specs.

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  • The Shimano Pro Missile Evo bar is a sight to behold.
  • The Evo bar does have a fair amount of adjustment, but does give some things up in its pursuit of clean lines and aerodynamic excellence.
  • The frontal profile of the bar is beautifully minimal.
  • When paired with Di2, the bar remains just as clean as you see here, since the cables all stay internal.
  • The arm cups can be moved forward or backward independently of the extensions.
  • Even from behind, the bar is incredibly clean.
  • The Evo's 15-degree rise extension is a great complement for Di2 shifters.
  • The Evo bar and stem can be used independently, but were born to be together.
  • The bars offer two width options for the extensions, and then the arm cups have two of their own.
  • All of the hardware sits in little countersunk holes to keep the frontal profile as clean as possible.
  • Even the two steerer pinch bolts face backwards for better airflow.
  • Reach adjustment occurs in discrete intervals - the mounting holes are 15mm apart.
  • The arm cups have two width options, independent of the full assembly width options.
  • The extensions have oval cross-sections, which provides stiffness and actually helps with assembly.
  • Two special threaded inserts are used to attach the extensions to the base bar, and to the arm cups.
  • Here's what the clever inserts look like - they are textured on the side to prevent slipping during assembly.
  • Because the bars are oval, the threaded inserts only fit in the direction they're supposed to.
  • Brake and Di2 shift cables exit via these ports on the rear of the wing section, and go right into the Evo stem.
  • With is faceplate removed, you can see how the Evo stem cables route.
  • Stack can be adjusted independently for extensions and arm cups.  Spacers can be added or removed to either stack.

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