Omega, pt 7: Production Brakes

 May 25, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

The Omega is now in production! Get yours from the TriRig Store.
Finished at last: the TriRig Omega

It's been just under six months since I posted the first concept renders of the Omega brake. And today, I get to show you the production brake. What you're looking at is the very first, in-the-flesh set of production brakes. These aren't prototypes; they came out of production tooling, and are the same brakes that will, very soon, be available for purchase right here on TriRig.

There's really not a whole lot to say at this point, since basically all of the details about the brake were covered in the previous installment of Omega articles. So for the most part, just enjoy the pretty pictures. And for those of you waiting on a release date, we expect to start taking orders in late June.

But there are some things worth pointing out about the final hardware, and they are all mentioned in the image captions. This time, I supersized the images, so you can get a very good look at what this brake is all about. Enjoy!

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  • This is the TriRig Omega, with the optional cable hanger.
  • And here's the brake with the hanger replaced with a smooth plate capper.
  • Every fastener on the brake is stainless steel for better corrosion resistance.
  • The set screw on the side of the brake provides continuous width and centering adjustment.  No need for barrel adjusters or recabling when you swap rims.  Just a quick turn of a 2mm allen wrench and you're set.
  • The powerful, stainless steel return spring on the Omega ensures excellent function even with tight cable runs.
  • From the front, there's really not much to see.  Just minimal, smooth, sleek shapes designed for the cleanest possible airflow.
  • And here's the inside of the Omega - just as simple as the exterior.
  • The wedge has a massive M6 set screw to hold the cable nice and tight.  That square protrusion centers the wedge when the front plate is installed, keeping everything working smoothly.
  • From this angle, you can see the Omega's underside is completely covered, to improve airflow and also keep the brake's interior clean.
  • Every brake comes with all of this hardware: four different length stainless steel mounting bolts, and three nesting lock washers.  The combination should allow you to mount the Omega to nearly any single-post brake mount, regardless of your frame's particular geometry and quirks.
  • The production front plates are made from ABS, which saves about 14g versus aluminum, and since the part is not put under load, it's OK to save the weight here.
  • The tiny profile of the brake is designed to hide from the wind.
  • The TriRig Omega, in all its glory.
  • On the front of a Cervelo P3, the Omega basically disappears to the wind.
  • The P3's fork is perhaps the narrowest on the market, but the Omega still hides neatly within its profile.
  • The TriRig Omega on the front of a Cervelo P3.  Here, we took off the integrated cable hanger and used a third-party headset hanger instead.  Users will have both options.  Everything except the third-party hanger is included with each brake.
  • I particularly love this shot - it's taken from behind the fork of the Cervelo P3 - you can't see ANY of the Omega except for its brake pads.
  • And here's a kind of hindquarters shot to show how the Omega transitions into the P3's front fork.
  • And a side shot of the front brake.  Here, we used a single 2.5mm lock washer, which was all that was needed.  If your bike requires more clearance, additional washers come with the brake to provide it.
  • For non-traditional mounts like the P3's rear assembly, temporarily removing the cable hanger provides access to the mounting bolt as shown.  Once on the bike, you simply re-attach the cable hanger (it bolts on from the front for precisely this reason).
  • Here's the brake mounted on the back of a Cervelo P3.  Note how close the cable hugs the frame.
  • And here's a shot from the back, showing just how neatly that rear cable disappears into the frame.
  • Even on the P3's amazingly narrow seat stays, the Omega remains relatively invisible to the wind.
  • One more shot of the rear mount of the Cervelo P3 with a TriRig Omega.

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