TriRig Omega, pt 4: Video Update

 Feb 12, 2012 article & images by Nick Salazar

The Omega is now in production! Get yours from the TriRig Store.
The Omega is getting even better

I wanted to post a quick update of what's going on with the Omega project. As I mentioned before, I've been refining the shape of the brake based on lessons learned with Dr. Coggan in his wind tunnel. The video below shows you what the final shape looks like. It's super sleek, narrow, and should hide within the profile of even the narrowest forks. Despite the diet, the interal mechanisms have actually become stiffer, and the brake is now even lighter than before. I'll have more news once the aluminum prototypes are in, probably a few weeks from now. As always, you can use this link to bookmark all Omega-related news. Enjoy the video!

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  • The final version of the Omega is almost ready
  • This thing is absolutely tiny, yet retains its full range of adjustability and all of its braking strength.
  • Production is just around the corner ... stay tuned.
  • For those of you keeping score, here's the new Omega shown on the same fork as seen in earlier articles.

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