FIRST LOOK - Felt DA 2012 Lineup

 Jul 20, 2011 article by Nick Salazar, images by Felt Bicycles

Felt has expanded its top-end DA lineup, offering several new builds, new paint schemes, and lower price points.

Ah, the fantastic phenomenon of trickle-down technology. It really is a wonderful thing. Felt Bicycles made a decisive step into the realm of the "superbike" when it introduced its 2011 DA model, a complete redesign of its old flagship that had gone through several prototype iterations before finally being released to the public. The bike was beautiful, and had some standout features in its category, but it was also nearly unattainable. Small production quantities were one limiting factor, but price was the bigger one. The only complete bike spec was a top-of-the-line setup complete with Zipp wheels and Di2 componentry. It set you back a whopping $12,500. Not exactly the average age grouper machine.

But for 2011, Felt is introducing an entire range for the DA. The high-zoot version will still be offered, but four new builds are offered, at much lower price points. Each of these is based around a model with slightly less advanced carbon, which will probably mean a marginally heavier and/or softer bike. But it also means that, at the low end, you can get a full-on Felt DA, complete with the Bayonet 3 front end, integrated brakes, and all the aerodyamic benefit of the highest-end model for an MSRP of $3,999. Still not exactly cheap, but that's a price point that many more triathletes will be willing to pay for this level of aerodynamics.

The Lineup

The top-end Nano carbon DA frame will be available as a frameset, though it's more expensive for this frameset than for a complete bike with the lower-end MMC carbon.

The full DA lineup is as follows:

  • DA 1 - Ultimate+Nano Carbon, Di2, Zipp 808 Firecrest Wheels - $12,999
  • DA 1 Frameset - Ultimate+Nano Carbon - $4,999
  • DA 2 - MMC Carbon, Di2, Felt TTR1 Wheels - $8,999
  • DA 3 - MMC Carbon, SRAM Red, Felt TTR2 Wheels - $4,999
  • DA 4 - MMC Carbon, Vision Metron/Shimano Dura-Ace, Felt TTR3 Whees - $3,999
  • Every level is also available in a 650C model.
Also new for the 2012 DA series are several new stem options. The 2011 version featured the adjustable-angle version similar to what we've seen on earlier Felt models, and that will still be available in 2012. But Felt is also offering six fixed-position stems which will probably be a bit lighter and sleeker, and allow users to attach 31.8mm bars to the bike. I like that idea, a LOT. And I can't wait to see the bikes in person. For now, enjoy these stock photos that Felt sent us of their bike lineup.

I particularly love the Womens's-specific paint scheme with the neon blue and purple. The geometry is the same, but the paint scheme is pretty snazzy. All of the paint schemes show off a lot of nude carbon, which is something I have loved about Felt's bikes for a long time. Felt has also updated its lower-end framesets, both the carbon B-series and aluminum S-series will still be available. We're looking forward to seeing more. Stay tuned!

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  • The higher-end DA models still have Di2, but there are now two DA models with Shimano's superkit.
  • The lower-end models come in a slew of pretty snazzy colors, including this red.
  • See that little dash of orange? I think maybe they did that just for TriRig.
  • This Women's-specific paint scheme just might be my favorite, and appears on the least-expensive model in the lineup.
  • The DA will be available as a frameset, but only for the highest-end Nano Carbon level, which at $4,999 will cost more than buying a complete DA 4 at $3,99 bike with the lower-level MMC carbon.
  • The Di2-equipped B2 is still going strong, but represents a weird price point. At $6,699, it's $3,000 more expensive than the lowest-end DA. But it's one of the less-expensive bikes to be equipped with Shimano's electronic group.
  • The B12 is still available as a frameset for $1,649, representing an incredible value.
  • The aluminum S22 will still be available.

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