Ironman Hawaii 2010 Coverage

 Oct 7, 2010

The year's biggest event is upon us. Check this page for all our 2010 Kona Coverage (links at the end of the article).

After a full year of training, planning, hoping, and wishing, the world's best professional and amateur athletes are ready for another go at triathlon's most prestigious race. What's the big story going to be this year? Will it be another rider take the win sporting a non-aero helmet and riding a bike with unpopular aerodynamics? Or will it be the sport's more engineering-oriented brands who are represented in the finishing chute?

This year, speed suits with neoprene or polyurethane will be completely absent from the race. This will favor the stronger swimmers, as the previously-legal speed suits had an equalizing effect on the field. But what of new cycling and running technology? What effect will those have on the race? Be assured, dear readers, we will be there to cover all the gear-related aspects of the race. Bookmark this page to catch all of our coverage, which will be linked from here in the "Related Articles" section below.

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