PRO RIG - Joanna Lawn's Cervelo P4

 Sep 10, 2010 article by Nick Salazar

  • Cervelo P4
  • SRAM Red
  • Dura Ace SRM with Rotor Rings
  • ISM Adamo Race Saddle
  • Ladybug
Joanna Lawn's Cervelo P4

Jo Lawn is one of New Zealand's hottest tri stars. We're excited to see her race at the Ironman World Championships in a few week's time. She's excited for the event too, and recently stopped by her sponsor Retul in Boulder, Colorado to get her fit perfectly dialed in for the race. She's riding the Cervelo P4, a bike which made quite the splash when originally released, but has dropped out of the limelight with the advent of the so-called "superbikes" released by firms like Specialized, Giant, and Trek. We're excited to see what Cervelo does in the future, but credit is still owed where it's due, and the P4 is a great bike.

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  • Jo Lawn uses her P4 bottle as a gear box.
  • Lawn uses a single Zero G brake on the front, since the P4 has an integrated rear brake.
  • Saddle duties go to the Adamo Race model.
  • Maybe the cutest adornment we've seen yet, Lawn has a tiny little ladybug on her top tube.
  • Lawn getting fit at sponsor Retul.
  • Lawn cranks away with a Dura Ace SRM, with Rotor Q-rings.
  • Cervelo's flagship TT bike is stealthy - we're suckers for black bikes.
  • Lawn powering away on the P4

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