Kiwami pt 3 - Kaiman

 Aug 3, 2010 article & images by Nick Salazar

The Kaiman has great lines, lots of features, and is our favorite suit in Kiwami's impressive lineup.

The Kaiman

Of all the suits in Kiwami's lineup, the Kaiman was the one we most looked forward to reviewing. On paper, it looks like a great suit; it has a great cut, it's very pleasing aesthetically, and it has ample pockets for storage. We wanted to love it, and the suit didn't disappoint. It's a great suit for any distance tri, and if we were to choose just one suit to own, this would be it.

An All-Purpose Suit

The first thing we noticed about the Kaiman is its lack of a waistline. Instead of putting a horizontal seam where your waist would be, Kiwami puts the seam up near the middle of the torso. And it isn't exactly horizontal; it comes up at a peak whose apex sits roughly at the solarplexus. Taking the seam off of the waistline provides more comfort through your core. We have always noticed the seams that occur at the waistline of other suits, but didn't notice the Kaiman's torso seam. Less compression on your core improves breathing, and also makes for a unique design aesthetic that we definitely liked.

From the front to the back, this is a very impressive suit.
The Kaiman sports a whopping six pockets: there are two at the back, one on each leg, and two at the ribs. These last two are a notable addition that we haven't seen on other suits. They'd be great for a last-minute decision to grab a gel during an aid station, if your other pockets are full, but we wouldn't use them for primary storage. The other pockets are similar to the pockets on traditional trisuits, and function as you'd expect.

If there's one thing we'd like to see, it'd be this exact suit, but made of the amazing fabric of Kiwami's own Amphibian. But overall, we love the suit. In fact, we liked it so much, we decided to get one for ourselves. This will be our primary race suit going forward. Whether you're buying your first trisuit, or your tenth, definitely check out the Kaiman.

  • Superb fit, gorgeous aesthetics
  • Ample pockets on the back, ribs, and legs
  • Minimal chamois is great on the bike, not a bother on the run
  • We'd like to see this suit made of the ultralight Amphibian fabric.

Excellent all-around suit. Comfortable and full-featured.
Rating: 4.5

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  • The suit features two rear pockets, and a reflective strip for nighttime finishes.
  • We loved the suit's striking lines, and the higher-than-normal seam around the torso.
  • The top of the zipper has a flap to prevent the metal from digging into your skin on long days.
  • The legs each have a pocket at the bottom-front, great for extra gels, keys, etc.
  • Unique rib-mounted pockets bring the pocket count to six, and are actually quite usable.
  • The suit comes in several colors, and they all look pretty good to us.

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