Jake Rosenbarger's Stealth Rig
Jul 21, 2010  hits 9,074

  • Open Mold Frame
  • SRM Dura-Ace Power Meter
  • Oval Clip-on Aerobars
  • Dura-Ace Drivetrain
Jake Rosenbarger's Ride

There has been a lot of buzz in the tri world about so-called "open mold" frames. These are frames typically made by Chinese firms, and rebranded by multiple different bike vendors in the west. Consumers can also find these bikes sold directly by the manufacturers themselves, on places like alibaba.com and eBay. While these bikes are controversial insofar as their build quality is concerned (and we won't comment on that), it's undeniable that many of these frames just plain look cool. This isn't the first open mold frame we've ever seen, but it's definitely been built up better than any other we've seen.

About the Rig:

Despite running a budget frame, Jake doesn't settle for less than the best elsewhere on his ride. To track power, he's running a very posh SRM crank with Dura Ace arms. His race wheels are high end Zipp: an 808 front and a Sub-9 rear. The rest of the bike is finished off with Ultegra components. Overall, the clean, black lines of the bike make the whole package look great, and we can't imagine this bike performs any worse than it looks.

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