Simon's Cervelo P3C
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Simon's Customized Cervelo P3C

The Cervelo P3C is one of the most recognizable triathlon bikes in the world. For half a decade, the bike has ruled tri courses around the world, and continues to be a desired rig for riders everywhere. We caught up with one owner who's made his P3C just a little bit more special through the addition of some custom carbon fiber bits.

Simon created a special front-end cap that hides the cables
Custom Ride:

Simon wanted his P3C to be a bit different, and was't afraid to take matters into his own hands. He's experienced in carbon fiber fabrication, and made two unique bits to give his ride the edge. The first of these is a custom fairing that attaches to his head tube, which hides the derailleur and brake cables from the wind. Pictured here is actually Simon's second such creation, which routes cables even more cleanly than his first version. Furthermore, the bike sports a custom carbon fiber cage to hold a can of Vittoria Pit Stop on the P3C where one would normally mount a bottle cage.

He even made a special carbon fiber holster for his Vittoria Pitstop

Wheels are a HED Jet 90 and Jet disc.  The disc deserves special mention.  Hed took my old C2 Flamme Rouge Jet disc that was rubbing in the P4 chainstays and re-built it with narrower spoke covers and a standard 19mm rim.  Fits the P4 now with room to spare.  There's a bottle cage mounted to the aero extensions.  I keep the P4's integrated bottle in the frame for assumed aero benefits, but I use the cage on the bars to carry hydration when I'm racing.  This bike has been the most difficult I've ever worked on. When I have to work on her, I hate her.  But when I get to rider her ... oh my!  I still have my P3C.  By comparison, the P4 is lighter, it handles better, it has a more solid feel.

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