Bob Chambers' Cervelo P4
Jul 17, 2010  hits 14,909

  • Cervelo P4
  • HED Corsair Aerobars
  • HED Jet 90 + Jet Disc Wheelset
  • John Cobb V-Flow MAX saddle
  • SRAM Red Gruppo with VumaChrono Crankset
  • TRP Front Brake
Bob Chambers' Cervelo P4.

Sleek. Fast. Stealthy. Those are three words you might use to describe the Cervelo P4, the Canadian firm's follow-up to its legendary P3C. This is Bob Chambers' ride, tricked out with a $1200 Zipp crankset and the high-zoot Hed Corsair aerobars

What the rider says:

"I purchased the frameset and built the rest up from parts I harvested from old bikes or bought new/used.  The Zipp Vuma Chrono crankset seemed like an insane purchase until I rode it.  It's unbelievably stiff and gives the impression of tremendous power transfer.  The V-Flow MAX saddle is absolutely the best saddle I've ever used for riding aero.  I'm riding the HED Corsair, which has very comfortable Lazy S-bend extensions, and nice return springs in the integrated brake levers." 

"Wheels are a HED Jet 90 and Jet disc.  The disc deserves special mention.  Hed took my old C2 Flamme Rouge Jet disc that was rubbing in the P4 chainstays and re-built it with narrower spoke covers and a standard 19mm rim.  Fits the P4 now with room to spare.  There's a bottle cage mounted to the aero extensions.  I keep the P4's integrated bottle in the frame for assumed aero benefits, but I use the cage on the bars to carry hydration when I'm racing.  This bike has been the most difficult I've ever worked on. When I have to work on her, I hate her.  But when I get to rider her ... oh my!  I still have my P3C.  By comparison, the P4 is lighter, it handles better, it has a more solid feel."

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