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Alpha X Tilt Kit

  • Standard setup diagram

  • Standard setup diagram

  • Slammed setup diagram

  • Slammed setup diagram

  • Undermount setup diagram

  • Undermount setup diagram
  • Alpha X
    Tilt Hardware Kit


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By popular demand, we have released a tilt kit for the Alpha X. This kit allows the Alpha X extensions to be tilted upward or downward to achieve the optimal position. Features include:

  • Continuous adjustment from -5 up to +17.5 degrees. Pads/extensions adjust together.
  • Includes custom BTA mount that tilts together with pads/extensions.
  • Adds just 2mm of stack compared to standard Alpha X hardware (far lower stack than any other competing tilt system).
  • Tilt hardware can be undermounted with pads slammed on top of bar (slammed pads can be fixed at +0 or +10 degrees via a custom angled spacer).
  • Stacked can be raised/lowered using standard Alpha X spacers.
  • Maintains all the patented cable routing and simple adjustment Alpha X is known for. A single never-occluded bolt adjusts the extensions, two bolts affix each arm cup, and this tilt kit adds just two bolts per tilt clamp.
  • Extensions stay fixed and rock solid, without requiring excessive torque.

Please note, this kit is only for use with Alpha X. It is not compatible with Alpha Classic.