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Gamma Extensions
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    Carbon Extensions


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  • Durable carbon construction

  • Closeup of the unidirectional carbon with black logos

  • Only bar on the market with an ideal 16-degree bend

  • Extra-long, designed to be trimmed at both ends

  • Flexible cable routing options (Di2-compatible)

  • Extensions come extra long at 450mm, but most people will trim to around 250mm

TriRig Gamma Extensions

The TriRig Gamma Extensions are unique in the triatlon world, designed to provide unparalleled comfort, custom reach AND stack adjustment, multiple cable routing options, and broad compatibility. No other extension offers their ideal 16-degree slope, and they have a number of great features that have made them popular among the triathlon community.

Made of carbon fiber, Gamma is ultra light in weight as well as stiff. They are built on the industry standard 22.2mm outer-diameter, so they'll fit in any standard aerobar you want to use. Approx 100g per pair when cut to length. See the Features page for more info on these bars.

TriRig Gamma Extensions