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Alpha Classic: the Triple Threat

In designing the Alpha Classic, we had three goals in mind: ultra light weight, superb aerodynamics, and easy adjustability to hit a wide range of positions. Historically, aerobars can only hit one of these goals, at the expense of the other two. But with Alpha Classic, we achieved all three. And in reaching these goals, we created the ultimate in a standard-stem-clamp aerobar. If your bike has a built-in 31.8mm stem (like the BMC TM01, Orbea Ordu, or Falco V), Alpha Classic is the fastest bar money can buy. (If your bike isn't limited to the 31.8mm interface, you might want to check out its big brother, Alpha X.)

Complete with all Hardware

Say goodbye to the frustration of missing parts. The Alpha Classic comes with everything you need to get fit and get fast. Everything shown here is included with every Alpha Classic sold.

Features (See all)

Wind-Cheating Design

The design goals for Alpha began with one rule: don't show a single millimeter of frontal area more than necessary. The result of our efforts is what you see here: almost nothing! By carefully hiding the mounting hardware and keeping the wing shapes thin, we've created an ultra-fast bar that's as pretty as it is aero.

Triathlon-Specific Wing

Alpha Classic is a true triathlete's aerobar. We ignored the UCI design restrictions that limit speed. Instead, we created a massive 6-to-1 aspect ratio airfoil that cheats the wind and makes you faster.

Ultra-Light Design

More than just a pretty face, Alpha Classic defies gravity thanks to its minimalist design and carbon construction. Starting at just 557g complete with extensions, you'd be hard-pressed to find a lighter bar anywhere, let along one this fast and this adjustable.

There's much more to Alpha than we can fit in one short list. Read all about this beautiful piece of hardware, right here » All Features.

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