Welcome to the TriRig Store

At TriRig.com, we design equipment in order to find better solutions to real-world problems. Since the introduction of our original Omega brake, we have been committed to the constant pursuit of simplicity and elegance in our high-performance products. The new X-series (Omega X, Alpha X, Sigma X) represents a quantum leap forward in these efforts, and we are proud to introduce them.


Turn your bike into a superbike with the Alpha X, the fastest and most user-friendly aerobar on the market. As a complete cockpit solution, it allows superlative aerodynamics, intelligent and patent-pending cable routing, and the easiest adjustments to fit and fine-tune any position.


Alpha Classic is our original triple threat of aerodynamics, light weight, and adjustability. Alpha Classic aerobars bring the speed of Alpha X to the 31.8mm round stem format. For bikes with integrated round stems (BMC TM01, Orbea Ordu, etc), this is the bar to get.


Introducing the Omega X, the aero brake perfected! The TriRig Omega Brake has long been our best-known and most popular product, and the new Omega X improves on every aspect of its design and performance.


The brand new Sigma X is the cure for the common front-end cabling mess. We've taken everything from the Alpha X and ported it to our popular aero stem.


Get a grip: our Gamma extensions are the only extension on the market that allows the user to control both reach AND rise to the shifters, while maintaining an ergonomically-ideal 16-degree gripping surface.


Simplicity defined: Mercury is the lightest, lowest stack, and most elegant road pedal ever made.


Spare parts for all your TriRig products.


Extra items from TriRig apparel to custom decals for your bike.