Review: Fix It Sticks Replaceable
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Another shot of the Replaceable Fix It Sticks in the T-wrench configuration.
Another shot of the Replaceable Fix It Sticks in the T-wrench configuration.

Last year, we reviewed the original Fix It Sticks, a project born from an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. This year, the company is expanding their product line, with a brand new version of their signature product, this time made of stainless steel instead of aluminum, and with replaceable bits, held in place by magnets.

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  • The new Replaceable Fix It Sticks (left) with the original fixed aluminum version (right). The differences are, most obviously, that you can replace the bits, and also that the new edition is made of stainless steel, at twice the durability and twice the weight.
  • This is everything included with the new Replaceable Fix It Sticks: two sticks, plus hex bits in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, Phillips #2, and Torx 25. There's also a nice rubber case made from a recycled tire tube, not pictured.
  • Just like the originals, the new Replaceable Fit It Sticks can be used in a T configuration. But the new feature is that there are internal magnets that keep the Sticks together, even when upside-down. The magnet strength is the perfect balance - it makes the tool easy to use, but the two parts won't fall apart accidentally.
  • Another shot of the Replaceable Fix It Sticks in the T-wrench configuration.
  • There is usually one perfect tool for every job. To that end, I have quite a few different sets of hex wrenches, and the 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm from each set is shown here. The Fit It Sticks don't replace ALl of these tools ALL the time, but they go a long way towards that end. They are VERY useful in a really wide variety of situations. The new Replaceable edition (in stainless steel, lower left) lets you customize your own most-used set of bits, from any of the countless 1/4-inch hex bits available worldwide.
  • Here are a couple of examples of third-party bit sets, from Wiha and Pedros. The Wiha set is identical to the default Fit It Sticks bit set, and the Pedros set just swaps the Phillips head for an M8 bit. Why would you ever want alternate sets? Check the next picture to find out.
  • A comparison of the Pedro bits (top) versus the Wiha bits (bottom). The sharper edges on the Wiha bits mean they have a lower potential to cam out (release during torque). That can be very useful for stuck bits, or other critical operations. The Fix It Sticks can accept ANY bit, meaning that you can tailor them to your particular needs.
  • Also new: the Fix It Sticks T-Way wrench (left). It offers a permanently-fixed T-wrench with three replaceable 1/4-inch bits. It can also be extended by another Replaceable Fix It Sticks single wrench for another several inches of reach in the long direction. It's a great addition to the line, but basically reserved for shop mechanics.
  • Here's a solo shot of the T-Way wrench from Fix It Sticks. The center portion is a free-floating cylinder, which allows you to grip a portion of the wrench, while the rest of the axis rotates to tighten or untighten a bolt.

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