Review: Profile Design HC Bottle
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Apr 23, 2013  hits 111,263

Instead of the HC Bottle's included mount, I used Profile Design's own HC Mount (confusingly, a separate product).
Instead of the HC Bottle's included mount, I used Profile Design's own HC Mount (confusingly, a separate product).

This is the brand new Profile Design HC Bottle. The HC stands for 'Horizontal Cage.' After years of bucking the BTA trend, Profile Design has seen the light. With the HC bottle, they've clearly embraced the notion that consumers want these types of products, and they're satisfying that demand with a really smart offering that is going to wow a lot of people.

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  • The Profile Design HC Bottle.
  • Profile Design sells the bottle complete with a compatible cage, a mounting system, and an integrated computer mount. You can figure out your own mounting setup if desired, but the stock one will work well.
  • The HC Bottle is a refillable BTA solution with very simple, sleek design cues. The refill port is a simple hinged cap.
  • The entire bottle can be disassembled easily for washing.
  • The bottle top works just like a standard bottle top, but it's nice and bullet-shaped. This probably doesn't much, since the thing sits between your arms anyway, but the bullet shape does help to fill that gap a bit better than a standard bottle top.
  • A rectangular recess beneath the bottle, paired with a metal part for the cage assembly helps keep the HC Bottle centered at all times.
  • This is the assembly of cage, centering strip, aerobar mount, and computer mount that ships with the HC Bottle.
  • The computer mount buts your computer behind the bottle, which may not be the ideal place to see it, but having the option is very nice. There's significant fore-aft adjustment for the mount itself.
  • Another angle on the cage assembly.
  • The refill cap is a simple one-piece part. My only concern is that the hinge is just a thin piece of plastic which could potentially break at some point. A multi-part mechanical hinge might be more robust.
  • Because of the placement of the straw mast and refill port, only certain cage will work with the HC Bottle.
  • I mounted the HC Bottle on my Specialized Shiv bike, where it looks right at home.
  • The Profile Design HC Bottle.
  • How awesome does this look?
  • The Profile Design HC Bottle.
  • Instead of the HC Bottle's included mount, I used Profile Design's own HC Mount (confusingly, a separate product).

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