SRAM's new YAW R2C shifters, rings
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Oct 9, 2012  hits 42,726

Here's the new Red Quarq with new YAW TT rings.
Here's the new Red Quarq with new YAW TT rings.

SRAM has been pushing its new Red group all year, but had lagged behind in updating their excellent R2C shifters. But now they've fixed the situation with the brand new YAW-specific version of the R2C shifters, as well as new YAW-specific TT chainrings. Check out the article for all the details on these new components.

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  • The new R2C shifters with the Yaw-specific front derailleur.
  • The new R2C shifters look and function identically to the old ones, with two exceptions. First, the front shifter has no more trim positions, making for a faster shift. And the action is now a little lighter, thanks to new tooth shaping on the internal ratchet.
  • This is the new 55-tooth YAW-specific TT ring.
  • One unique element of the YAW chainrings is that they sit slightly further outboard of the bike relative to traditional rings. This is part of the secret of YAW's no-rub functionality.
  • SRAM likes to show off its bikes in these wild cross-chained positions, showing that despite the ill-advised gearing, that there's no chain rub.
  • Here's the new Red Quarq with new YAW TT rings.
  • SRAM R2C TT shifters, sitting on a Zipp Disc table. I love it.
  • SRAM and Zipp always bring along some fun accessories, like these little bar tables made of Zipp disc wheels.

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