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Interview with TJ Tollakson
images by Nick Salazar
Jun 6, 2012  hits 36,767

Tollakson running in the Galveston heat.
Tollakson running in the Galveston heat.

Triathlon pro TJ Tollakson is no novice when it comes to crafting custom gear. The Iowa native is set to launch his own bike brand, Dimond, later this year. He sat down to talk to TriRig about his brand, as well as the eccentric equipment choices for which he has become famous.

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  • Tollakson's radical tuck position works well for him, but he cautions others from adopting it.
  • Believe it or not, Tollakson says he has tested positions even lower than this one, but they wern't as comfortable for him.
  • TJ Tollakson riding his modified Zipp 2001 frame, which he's using as the basis for a new brand of bikes called Dimond.
  • Tollakson running in the Galveston heat.

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