Dash Stage.9 Saddle Review
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Apr 22, 2012  hits 60,552

Another angle of the Dash Tri.7
Another angle of the Dash Tri.7

The latest addition to the Dash saddle lineup is the Stage.9, which is essentially a Tri.7 with a longer tail. It maintains the same superb design philosophy and other-worldly low weight, but it's UCI legal (just barely!), with a length of 245mm.

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  • The Dash Stage.9 is the answer to those riders who need a UCI-legal version of the Tri.7.
  • Another angle of the Dash Tri.7
  • Because it's a little longer than the tiny Tri.7, it looks a bit more like a standard saddle, and the extra rail length gives you a bit more room for adjustment.
  • The Tri.7 (left) and the Stage.9 (right) share the same design philosophy. Dash makes both saddles in a standard and wide version, depending on what your sit bones want.
  • The Tri.7 on the left is the wide version, and you can see it's just a bit wider than the standard Stage.9 on the right.
  • Dash construction is beautiful from tip to tail. The tri saddles are as minimal as you could imagine, but offer the perfect shape for sitting in aero. Dash has recently switched to a more minimal logo as well, using just the letter 'd' instead of the whole 'dash' word.
  • The nose of the saddle is rounded off, but the split nose is connected to provide structural strength.
  • The red kevlar-wrapped rails and gorgeous hand-built construction are Dash signatures on these awesome products.
  • Taking a close look at the underbelly shows off the handbuilt nature of the Dash saddles. I love seeing this stuff - it makes the saddle more 'personal' in my opinion.

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