Retul's Muve Fit Bike
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The Retul Muve
The Retul Muve

Retul's new fit bike is an excellent solution for fitters to use, and has a lot of features previously seen only in much more expensive machines. Read the article for the full scoop.

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  • The Retul Muve
  • The Retul Muve
  • Simple elegance. That's Retul for ya.
  • At $7500 retail, the Muve is a bargain compared to Guru and Serrotta's machines, which cost five figures each.
  • The Retul Muve
  • The whole thing is built on X-Y measurements, which I find to be the more useful measurement system.
  • Frame reach and saddle setback are controlled via these two knobs. One complete turn equals 2.5mm.
  • That rear wheel is sitting on the optional CycleOps power meter to show how position changes affect rider output.
  • The optional adjustable cranks go from 155mm to 185mm in 2.5mm increments.
  • When the fit is complete, reading out the bike measures is a snap with these rulers. They're designed to be placed at specific points on the Muve to make things easy.

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