Power Up, pt 4: Andy Potts
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Mar 12, 2012  hits 128,455

Potts runs the Pro Missile TT bar with single-bend extensions and Di2 shifters.
Potts runs the Pro Missile TT bar with single-bend extensions and Di2 shifters.

So far, the Power Up series has focused on how a newbie to the world of power meters can get acquainted with the territory. Now that we've had a chance to survey the landscape, it's time to hear from a pro. I sat down with Andy Potts to talk about power. Potts is known for the rather hermitic way he trains, especially on the bike. He's constructed an indoor studio where he does about 95% of his riding, so he doesn't have to waste a single pedal stroke. Check out the extended video interview I did with him, in the main article.

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  • Potts stands outside his Pain Cave, the separate structure where he does the majority of his training.
  • The Pain Cave has anything you'd need - a fridge, stereo system, HDTV, and of course, the bike.
  • Potts says his regular routine involves reading through the stack of magazines next to him.  Pretty easy way to train.
  • Behind him, Andy keeps a gallery of momentous pictures from his notable career.
  • Because he tortures his Computrainer so much, Potts keeps a fan running on it at all times to help dissapate heat.
  • Potts getting down to business.
  • The Pain Cave isn't just for cycling - it has a full treadmill and other fitness equipment sitting just off-camera.
  • Potts is currently riding a Kestrel 4000 SL with Shimano Di2.
  • Don't let his serious visage fool you, Andy is a joker at heart, and always has time for a laugh.
  • Andy's Ergometer of choice is the Dura Ace SRM - and it is indeed a choice, since he's not sponsored by SRM.
  • Potts swears by his trusty Computrainer, which helps keep him in the right power zone.
  • Di2 up front keeps the shifting nice and easy.
  • Potts runs the Pro Missile TT bar with single-bend extensions and Di2 shifters.
  • Potts in silhouette.
  • Andy Potts throwing down in the Pain Cave.
  • I like how Kestrel routes their front brake cable as a centerpull.  It's definitely
  • Pedal to the metal, Andy!
  • Thanks for letting me come in and chat with you, Andy!  It's always a pleasure.

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