Omega, pt 5: the Final Prototype
images by Nick Salazar
Mar 2, 2012  hits 58,474

The Omega is a great match for the P3.
The Omega is a great match for the P3.

The Omega is now in production! Get yours from the TriRig Store.

The development of the Omega is complete. This gallery represents the final prototype form of the brake before it will be sent to full tooling and production. The brake functions beautifully, is easy to wrench, and hides completely within the frontal profile of even the incredibly narrow fork of the Cervelo P3.

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  • The final version of the TriRig Omega
  • The new front plate is rounder for smoother airflow.
  • In some ways, the TriRig Omega is like a modern, updated Hooker SL - it uses standard pads, has adjustment capabilities for wide rims, and can be used as a rear brake - all features the Hooker lacked. It's also lighter.
  • The TriRig Omega next to an old Hooker SL
  • The Omega will come standard with Kool Stop salmon pads, the best alloy-rim pad on the market.  I'll have Carbon pads available for those who want them.
  • The TriRig Omega brake on a P3 with a Zipp 404 Firecrest front wheel.
  • There's plenty of pad clearance - and this doesn't even max out the Omega's adjustment range.
  • The Omega is a great match for the P3.
  • Viewed from the front, you can see that the Omega hides COMPLETELY within the P3's fork, which is probably the narrowest road fork on the market. Yet it still has plenty of tire clearance, in case you want to run big beefy tires (shown here are 21mm Zipp Tangente tires).
  • Used as a rear brake (sorry, this prototype has some mismatched colors), the ultra-narrow Omega still does a great job of staying out of the way. You can see there's still plenty of tire clearance, even with the thicker 23mm Zipp Tangente tire used in the rear.
  • This shot of the mismatch-color prototype gives you a clear view of how the cable hanger detaches.  A solid piece replaces it when you're not using the hanger (as shown in the shots of the front brake).

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