Power Up, pt 2: Quarq and Wahoo
images by Nick Salazar
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The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.

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  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.  See the giant Q?  That's where the user-replaceable battery goes.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
  • The battery compartment does stick out a bit, perhaps a tiny aero penalty at certain points in the pedal stroke, but nothing I'm particularly worried about.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter. Mine is on a Rotor 3D, in 165mm arm length.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
  • The Quarq Cinqo Powermeter.
  • Quarq's Qalvin software lets you calibrate your Quarq at home without sending it to the factory, but does require that you have access to a relatively heavy, and very accurately-known weight.
  • The Wahoo Fisica ANT+ Key turns your iPhone into an ANT+ communicator.
  • The Wahoo Fitness app is a great way to leverage your existing iPhone into a feature-packed ANT+ head unit.
  • My Wahoo Bike Case + Speedfil A2 + Custom straw Frankenbottle.
  • The Frankenbottle keeps everything tucked away nicely while providing instant access to water and data.
  • Another angle of the Frankenbottle.

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