TriRig Omega Brake, pt 1: Concept
images by Nick Salazar
Dec 1, 2011  hits 62,269

Top-down shot to show the profile of that front face.
Top-down shot to show the profile of that front face.

The Omega is now in production! Get yours from the TriRig Store.

There's been a product missing from the triathlon world for years: a modern, functional, centerpull aero brake. I've decided to take the challenge and produce one. I'm going to publish the whole design process, from beginning to end, starting here with the design process. This part is about what I perceive to be the problem with old brake designs, and how I've decided to address it.

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  • Here it is, the TriRig Omega front brake. Read the article for all the details.
  • The TriRig Omega also has an integrated cable stop, which is detachable.  You can choose from ease of installation with it, or rig your own cable stop and run bare cable to the brake.
  • From the front, the brake has just a minimal profile, yet will work with even the widest rims currently available.
  • This side-on render shows the gentle shaping of the brake.
  • Top-down shot to show the profile of that front face.
  • See how tiny this Hooker SL looks?  The TriRig Omega is a scant 4mm wider, but addresses many of the problems that even the Hooker had, like using standard brake pads, angle adjustment, and more.
  • The only centerpull currently around is the Tektro/TRP, which isn't easy to find, and looks horrible matched up with wide rims (Zipp 404 Firecrest shown here).  Plus, more manufacturers are using it as a sidepull, as Specialized is here on the new Shiv, further increasing the frontal area.

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