Dash Cycles TT9 Saddle Review
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Dec 12, 2011  hits 100,815

A rear view.  See that rear nook?  I'm sure it's good for something.  I just don't know what.
A rear view. See that rear nook? I'm sure it's good for something. I just don't know what.

Dash Cycles continues to show that it's not only capable of producing amazingly light products, but that it can think on its feet and revise its products to meet the actual needs of triathletes. Their development of an integrated bottle holder for their Tri.7 saddle led to the TT9, and their road to the final product is an interesting one. Check the full article for more.

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  • The new Dash TT9 is basically a Tri.7 with a rear section that has bottle bosses on it. For those who like a bit of rear hydration or storage, this is a very slick solution.
  • As you can see, standard bosses mean you can fit any cage you want on here (this one is a generic Chinese cage, NOT made by Dash).
  • The cage sits well aft of the saddle, meaning there shouldn't be any interference problems from aero seatposts.
  • The Dash TT9, shown here with a generic (non-Dash) cage bolted on.
  • The final solution looks great - but I wonder if people are going to use that little nook behind the saddle to store something.
  • A rear view.  See that rear nook?  I'm sure it's good for something.  I just don't know what.
  • As usual, Dash's signature red kevlar/carbon hybrid rails keep things super strong and super light.
  • The original version of the saddle looked gorgeous, but wasn't so great at holding bottles, so Dash scrapped it.
  • Yeah, this first prototype looked like modern art, but it wasn't what triathletes needed.  The final version is brilliant.
  • Here's the production model (left) next to the first prototype (right) which Dash rejected.  I think it's awesome that they responded so well and so quickly to the actual needs of triathletes.

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