Rudy Project Windmax Review
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Nov 10, 2011  hits 58,206

I like the carbon fiber weave on top, obviously.
I like the carbon fiber weave on top, obviously.

The Rudy Project Windmax is a relatively expensive road helmet at $299, but has all the refinements you'd expect at that level. 22 vents keep things very airy, and if it fits you, it's a comfortable lid. For those who race in aero helmets, the price will be hard to justify. But those who train AND race in standard road helmets would do well to consider the Windmax.

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  • It's a snug fit on me, but I like it.
  • The Windmax fits me well, and keeps me well-vented on training rides.
  • The Rudy Project Windmax road helmet.
  • I like the carbon fiber weave on top, obviously.
  • The bug vent is to help prevent critters from getting in your hair.
  • The ratcheting system is about what you'd expect, though perhaps not as smooth as I'd want for $299.
  • The removeable bug shield covers only the front half of the helmet, keeping the back half as vented as possible.
  • This chin pad can keep the helmet a bit more comfortable, but I removed mine for riding.

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